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Our Team

  • David Beatty
    Senior Account Manager

  • Natalia Hemingway
    Account Manager,
    Construction, Development and Architecture

  • Thomas Jackson
    Account Manager,

  • Ben David
    Account Manager,
    Earthwork & Civil Engineering

  • Mark Carlson
    Senior Account Manager,

  • Schuyler Olson
    Director of Research and Account Executive

  • Testimonials

    • “Rauenhorst is strategic and very focused.”

      “Rauenhorst was a different experience for me as executive recruiters. Most I have seen are pushy and really have a hard-sell edge. RRC is strategic and very focused on the process and end objectives. They are smart and have a soft-sell approach. It was a refreshing change.”

      Dave Willer, Health Care Planner, Hammel Green and Abramson

    About Rauenhorst Recruiting

    In today’s business climate, Rauenhorst Recruiting consistently demonstrates its proprietary retained search process results in strategic hires that drive revenue and propel real, profitable business growth. Rauenhorst Recruiting has a long history of building teams for many top firms in Minnesota and the United States.

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