Are You Putting Your Investment in Top Talent At Risk?


You have been frustrated with your lack of growth and you feel like you have hit a ceiling. On top of that you have been frustrated with your employees, customers, and vendors. If you have partners, you may have had it with them too.You have tried various strategies but nothing long-term has stuck.

You decided you needed new blood and you solicited the services of a recruiting firm like Rauenhorst Recruiting to find the magical person for your company that can be the change agent you desire and so desperately need. They find you the person you are sure will make that difference in your company and you pay the fee and hire the candidate.  You are excited to have a new direction and a fresh start. You anticipate your return on investment.

After a couple months things just do not seem to be going as well as you had anticipated. Your new employee seems a bit disillusioned and the results you wanted are not there. Did you make a wrong hire? Possibly! But, it might very well be how you on-boarded your new employee. It may be that your vision does not align with what you presented during the interviewing/courtship phase. Perhaps your processes, policies and procedures are incomplete, non-existent or not aligned with the values you espouse? After investing thousands of dollars obtaining top talent, why would you risk throwing it all away with misguided or non-existent processes, policies and practices. Even companies with strong systems in place that address issues are subject to the gravitational pull of the organization to return to its “already always way” of being.

You may have a vision, defined core values and a clear understanding of your company’s core focus or mission, but do you live them? Stating and doing are two entirely different items. Selling the position and living the position, if not aligned can put your significant investment at risk. Without simple, clearly defined systems that are followed and a commitment to company vision by the leaders of the company, even the best of talent can become discouraged and look for someone who does.

As a recruiting firm Rauenhorst Recruiting separates itself from most recruiters due to our ability to assess, understand and influence culture. Top talent not aligned with the company vision, core purpose and its values is a one-way ride to disaster. Making sure the right person is in the right seat, is the one who understands the job, wants the challenge of position and has the ability to do it, leads to greater success. The rest is up to you. Are you aligned, clear, consistent and honest with yourself, your company and the rest of your leadership team?

Rauenhorst is more than filling vacancies. Rauenhorst helps you avoid the risk associated with a mishandled superstar and helps prevent you from making a colossal mistake with your hiring dollars. Are you committed to the success of your next top talent?

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Mark Carlson is a Sr. Account Manager at Rauenhorst Recruiting.He holds an MBA in Organizational Design and also works as a small business consultant and a personal life-health coach.


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