Building Materials on the Horizon

Every business owner we have ever met worries about maintaining their competitive edge in their market.  In a world that is trying to find cost effective, cleaner and more sustainable forms of building materials, how are you preparing to gain or keep that edge?  There are two more new products that have caught our attention that may transform the built environment: cross laminated lumber (CLT), self-healing concrete.

The first CLT high rise was built in 2009.  This is not your normal stick frame construction.  Think precast concrete, but large 11’ x 45’ precast wood Legos™ with windows and doors precut that can fit together onsite.  Some of these structures are 90 feet tall.  The thing that surprised us the most was its resistance to high temperatures.  Here is a link to see what this technology has in store (

Concrete itself does not appear to be changing, but the additives are making the difference.  Self-healing concrete is really some bacteria that is added or applied to concrete that reacts with water to create limestone.  A crack in concrete could be fixed in 3 weeks without any construction workers.  Some companies are even working on a spray that can be applied to existing concrete and work in a similar manner.  This technology can increase the lifespan of the concrete for up to 200 years.(

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