How Solid is Your Team in this Tight Labor Economy?


          How Solid is Your Team in this Tight Labor Economy? 

        Booming economy and you want to get ahead, so you upskill your people; but learning takes time and you need talent now. 

        Rauenhorst Recruiting Company might just have what you need.








         We have Three Superstars looking for a NEW TEAM:

        *Engineering Degree PE 4 yrs. Site Design-Water Mfg.-some Bldg. Structures - 10 yrs. Proj. Mgmt. from Design to Build; Wind Farms, Industrial and Commercial Development.

        *12+ yrs. Proj. Mgr./Est. Big Pipe-Open Cut Water and Sewer- Strong Mgr. skills. 1mm in GP 4 yrs. in a row.

        *Sr. Est./Proj. Mgr. 12+yrs. Civil Eng. Degree, Projects range from 500k to $18mm. Concrete and Asphalt Highway Construction, Docks -Water Mgmt.         


        Want to learn more?

            Contact Chuck Rauenhorst 952-563-7363 or Marinel Piso 952-563-7366     

             to find out more about how we can help you build your team of excellence!  








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In today’s business climate, Rauenhorst Recruiting consistently demonstrates its proprietary retained search process results in strategic hires that drive revenue and propel real, profitable business growth. Rauenhorst Recruiting has a long history of building teams for many top firms in Minnesota and the United States.

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