Recent Examples of Placements

Rauenhorst Recruiting Company made several significant placements this year. We would like to share two of those success stories with you not only to toot our own horn, but to offer you insight into what we do, how we do it and to create insight for how we might help you be more successful as well.

Placement Number One:

Alexandria Light and Power (ALP), in Alexandria, MN was facing the retirement of their long-term general manager (GM).  With an interesting relationship between the city and the utility, our team conducted several interviews with ALP staff, Board of Public Works, as well as city leadership to identify those experiences and traits that would lead to success for the GM replacement.

Our attention to and understanding of the cultural norms and operations allowed us to establish the requirements necessary for a long-term placement which indicated a nationwide search was needed.  The search pool began with hundreds of potential candidates, all of whom were vetted, over 100 interviewed.  These initial 100 were further winnowed down to five finalists for final interviews by the hiring committee.  The committee chairman said we provided the committee a difficult choice of exceptionally qualified and like-able candidates.

We look forward to share more about the candidate after settling in and information is made public by ALP.

Placement Number Two:

A young engineering firm in the Twin Cities Metro that specializes in a specific type of electric wiring was needing a project manager (PM) to travel 60-80% of the year.  The PMs at this firm are the face of the company and are responsible for maintaining client relationships and generating new business, as well as managing their individual projects.  This is no easy task.

The candidate that was placed came from a large general contractor (GC) in the Twin Cities where he was doing similar work.  Not surprisingly, the required amount of travel was about the same as he was accustomed to with the large GC. 

Rauenhorst's ongoing relationships with people in the Built Environment allowed us to conclude this search with a highly qualified and highly place-able candidate and ahead of schedule.  This placement was not actively looking for a new opportunity (most of our placements are not actively looking).  He had been identified by Rauenhorst for other opportunities in the past and was retained in the database.  He fit this new opportunity perfectly.  Rauenhorst approached him for a position, as we knew it would not only be of interest to him, but also the right cultural fit for both the candidate and the company...a true win-win-win. 

In today's very tight labor market, the days of running an ad and getting applicants is rapidly disappearing.  Working with a connected and highly competent recruiter with a history of success is an important tool in your company's recruiting belt.  With such a small pool of potential candidates, finding people to embrace your company's opportunity means finding people that do not even know they are looking for work.  Call us at 952-897-1420 and let's discuss your hiring challenges and set a course of action to find the best candidate that has the knowledge, skills and abilities to do the work you require and who also fits the culture and norms important to you and to long-term placement success.

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