Right People in the Right Place; Building Your Leadership Team


Building a leadership team that gives you and your company success is all about putting the right people in the right place. The right person in the wrong place can be as detrimental to your business as having the wrong person. For 25 years, Rauenhorst Recruiting helps take companies where they want to go.

Our team at Rauenhorst will sit down with the key individuals at your company to see what makes you successful, why people stay, and how people work together. This analysis and subsequent research is our secret ingredient to building successful teams. The individuals will understand your industry, want to work with you, and are capable of completing the tasks at hand.

Rauenhorst Recruiting identifies individuals with a proven history of success that aligns with your company’s goals. Whether you are looking to break into a new sector or fortify your position in existing markets, the candidates we present will be vetted thoroughly by our team members before you sit down to interview. We make this process easy for you.

Rauenhorst Recruiting has been establishing connections in the built environment for almost 25 years allowing us to reach individuals that are not actively seeking new opportunities. Our confidential searches allow us to get to the true motivations of candidates that are not always afforded to companies. Knowing what someone wants before we give the details of the opportunity at hand, inspires confidence in a successful long-term placement.

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About Rauenhorst Recruiting

In today’s business climate, Rauenhorst Recruiting consistently demonstrates its proprietary retained search process results in strategic hires that drive revenue and propel real, profitable business growth. Rauenhorst Recruiting has a long history of building teams for many top firms in Minnesota and the United States.

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