Technology and the Tightening Labor Market

The tightening labor market leaves industry leaders with limited options as they search for qualified individuals in the built environment. Technology advancements are allowing companies to do more work with less people. Along with that, companies will also rely on their current staff to be more productive and to be cross-trained to cover other needs within. Talented individuals who are being asked to bring companies into their next evolution will remain a hot commodity.

After recently attending an event hosted by the Minnesota Construction Association (MCA) where Dwight Larson of Mortenson Construction spoke, we were reminded of how impactful technology will be. Amazing! He highlighted a few of the potential technological advancements facing the construction industry and emphasized the tremendous amount of venture capital entering the industry to support it. Some examples include (links to videos): Generative Design (Autodesk), brick laying robots (Brick House Built in Two Days), autonomous construction vehicles (Volvo), and virtual augmented reality (WIRED). These technologies will impact who is the right person for companies. Technology is setting its sights on the built environment.

The architecture industry is a great example. Some pre-recession architecture firms had hundreds of people and now, ten years later they are doing the same work load with a fraction of the staff. As companies continue to grow and struggle finding top talent, they will be asking their staff to do more and more as the industry and employees adjust to the benefits and demands brought about by technology.

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