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Thomas Jackson

Account Manager,

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Tom Jackson is Rauenhorst Recruiting Company's Account Manager of Utilities. Leveraging his lengthy tenure as a director of a national association of over 450 energy companies, he brings his business acumen and extensive rolodex to aid in filling positions for energy delivery firms, large and small.

"My greatest joy has been understanding people and helping them accomplish things that they want; what drives them best to excel. This has helped me discover the key talents that separate great performers from good. It also provides me an ability to understand company culture and connect candidate and company for maximum benefit to all." - Thomas Jackson

While at his former association, Tom was instrumental at adding almost 400 new companies to the century-old association, building relationships with executives at all levels. Member firms distribute natural gas and electricity to communities across the US. Prior to this, Tom served as a manufacturers' rep and senior merchant in consumer electronics, consistently focusing on sales messaging, customer relationships and marketing. His 30 year career path allowed him to experience first-hand corporate politics and the nuances of successfully building and navigating corporate relationships.

At Rauenhorst, Tom focuses on fitting the right candidates for upper- and mid-level management transition for these same electric and natural gas companies. He supports placement into co-ops, municipal and investor-owned utilities, as well as construction contractors, another area of RRC specialty.

Tom attended the University of Minnesota and continues to donate time as a mentor to collegiate students at the UMN and on a national basis. He has served on numerous non-profit and not-for-profit boards, similarly aiding them in staff and volunteer transition, with fiduciary and governance responsibility.



  • Rauenhorst is tenacious if finding the “right” fit for win/win placements.

    I worked with Rauenhorst Recruiting Company on a recent transition from a Fortune 50 firm to a key leadership role for a growing commercial contractor. They provided the professionalism, yet personal care needed to help make me feel comfortable making the transition, but also represented my interests better than I could have possibly imagined.

    The Rauenhorst staff took the edge off introductions, negotiations, and made sure neither party’s time was wasted. Their tenacity, flexibility, and positive spirit helped move the decision-making along on both sides, but also struck the right balance to find the “right” fit for both of us.

    Rauenhorst Recruiting Company provided a service that was unforgettable, and I am proud to say that RRC will be the first firm I think of when finding the next fit for my new firm. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I have enjoyed our relationship thus far, but I look forward to what may be able to come. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

    Joel Peters, Senior Project Manager, Fendler Patterson

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