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Our Process

Every talent search is conducted confidentially, thoroughly vetted, and customized to your company’s needs. 

Our proprietary consultative process considers qualifications, future growth, cultural fit, and the unique personalities of both the candidate and the company’s team.

We first meet with you and your team to outline the parameters of the search in detail. We typically also have the client team and candidate take a Personal Style Survey to gauge the personal strengths and weaknesses of everyone to determine an ideal cultural fit.

As a result of this thorough vetting process, our candidate retention rate is significantly higher than the average of all search firms. And our client satisfaction level is also high.

After we have developed a complete profile of the qualifications, experience, and personality of the ideal candidate, we begin our search utilizing our extensive contacts within the industry as well as the most advanced search resources.

The process typically takes 30 -90 days, occasionally longer for more difficult searches. Each prospective candidate is evaluated against a range of factors.

Before we present a candidate, our team meets personally with the most promising candidates to request information that may not be on their resume, explore areas in question, determine their goals, and evaluate their personal style.

We conduct thorough reference checks with former supervisors, colleagues, and others who know the candidate well.

We check credentials and licenses at the source. We verify academic claims. We check criminal and court records. And we do an online review that includes traditional and social media.

Only when we feel 100% confident we’ve found the ideal candidate do we present them to our clients.

After the client interviews our candidates, we meet with you to discuss and evaluate each one in depth.

We get our satisfaction from seeing the positive impact our placements have on the success of our clients.

Business Sectors We Service


With the positive gains expected over the next several years in the Architectural Billings Index, prime talent is scarce. Companies can no longer rely on their own resources to find the caliber of talent to lead them into the future.

With our extensive industry experience, best-of-class research tools, and client-centric evaluation process, we find the architects, draftsmen, and other skilled design talent you need to support your company’s success. Our proven evaluation process locates talent with the qualifications, experience, and cultural fit necessary to become a valuable contributor to your team.


In the most recent ASCE Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, the data suggests that this subject will receive more attention than it has in decades. American local, state, and federal agencies are addressing the critical deficiencies in our infrastructure---which creates enormous opportunities for investment, including the greatest demand for civil engineers in years.

With the demand for civil engineers increasing, and top talent scarce, companies can no longer rely only solely on their internal recruiting resources. At Rauenhorst, we have an enviable track-record of locating and securing key talent; the quality of talent that can have a significant impact upon the future success of your company.


Rauenhorst Recruiting specializes in placing strategic hires to ensure leadership continuity for companies that are growing and innovating. Current growth and strategic, process-driven methods are causing a greater need for top talent in commercial and industrial construction businesses starting even further down the management chain. With high expected growth rates for new commercial and industrial development, employers are staffing up to meet this demand. Prime talent is becoming scarce and more owners are looking for tomorrow’s leaders.

Companies can no longer rely on internal recruiting procedures to find the talent to lead them through challenging growth periods. Times are too busy to wait for a referral or a resume to land on your desk. Our meticulous, client-focused screening and in depth sector research process means that we find you the candidate that can help take you where you want to go.


With a healthy projected growth rate of more than 4% over the next six years, and demand in downstream construction markets rising, the earthworks sector is currently experiencing high demand for specialized expertise. Earthworks companies are responding to their future needs by acquiring talented new team members in anticipation of short supply.

Fortunately, the extensive experience and expertise of Rauenhorst Recruiting is prepared to support forward-thinking companies in planning for their continued success in the future. Our client-centric and thorough search process is structured to meet the needs of both our client and candidate, so both can enjoy a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.


Rauenhorst Recruiting has extensive experience in the elevator and escalator industry. We stay current with all NEII codes and standards, as well as new regulations, to help us stay current when evaluating prospects. Our expertise in this industry, combined with our national reach and thorough client-centric process, enables us to locate candidates who meet or exceed your expectations.

Besides finding talented individuals who meet the qualifications for the position, we conduct extensive background checks, utilize research methods to determine cultural fit, and negotiate compensation packages the result in win/win agreements


The home building sector continues to recover well in most parts of the nation, with projections for growth at higher levels than nearly a decade. Our West Coast office reports the strongest gains in the Pacific states, with the Midwest close behind.

Prime talent is becoming scarce as the market recovers from the shakeout of the deep recession, when many experienced builders left the industry or saw their top people retire. Many others, with the disruption of the recession years fresh in their minds, are holding tight at the companies they work at.

Our wide network of industry contacts and modern research tools enables us to dig deeply to uncover the right talent. When you company cannot afford to wait any longer to find a strategically important hire, the Rauenhorst team will find the talent you need to help your company grow and succeed.


With manufacturing rebounding in most sectors, and skilled workers in short supply, it has become more important than ever to have a recruiting partner who can find the employees needed to move forward successfully. Companies can no longer only rely on their internal recruiting to find the specialized talent needed.

Rauenhorst Recruiting’s extensive experience and knowledge of manufacturing enables us to create successful client-centric algorithms and world-class personal investigative search tools to thoroughly scour North America for the ideal candidates. We find talented people who meet or exceed the qualifications for the position, fit the cultural needs of your company, and meet your retention goals. 


The rapidly evolving technological advancements in building systems has created a challenging environment for mechanical contractors…and a shortage of experienced, skilled talent. Managers now must understand the new technologies being utilized by utilities, building supervisors, and manufacturers.

The challenges in finding and vetting mechanical engineering talent makes it no longer feasible for most companies to recruit successfully. The deep experience and sophisticated search tools we use, combined with our highly personal client-centric process, enables us to find the talented individuals who can help drive your future success.


Supporting municipals, cooperatives, investor owned companies, contractors and suppliers, in the areas of:

Staff turnover, customer demand, turbulence in resource markets, and ongoing regulatory changes, make forward planning challenging for utilities of all types. Combined, these pressures make it difficult to acquire and keep the experienced and trained talent required for this quickly evolving industry.

By staying current in the electrical, telco and telco industry, Rauenhorst Recruiting is able to understand the complex needs of utilities. Besides our expertise in utility management, regulation and technology, our client-centric process is supported by state-of-the-art search tools. Combined with our thorough vetting process and understanding of our client’s business, we are able to find talented individuals who meet the requirements of the position and fit the particular culture of the company. We specialize in broader searches that reach municipal, co-op and investor-owned utilities, contractors, suppliers and engineering firms.

Beyond “the usual suspects,” we can find you leadership outside the narrow confines of the local chessboard.

About Rauenhorst Recruiting

In today’s business climate, Rauenhorst Recruiting consistently demonstrates its proprietary retained search process results in strategic hires that drive revenue and propel real, profitable business growth. Rauenhorst Recruiting has a long history of building teams for many top firms in Minnesota and the United States.

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