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The home building sector continues to recover well in most parts of the nation, with projections for growth at higher levels than nearly a decade. Our West Coast office reports the strongest gains in the Pacific states, with the Midwest close behind.

Prime talent is becoming scarce as the market recovers from the shakeout of the deep recession, when many experienced builders left the industry or saw their top people retire. Many others, with the disruption of the recession years fresh in their minds, are holding tight at the companies they work at.

Our wide network of industry contacts and modern research tools enables us to dig deeply to uncover the right talent. When you company cannot afford to wait any longer to find a strategically important hire, the Rauenhorst team will find the talent you need to help your company grow and succeed.

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In today’s business climate, Rauenhorst Recruiting consistently demonstrates its proprietary retained search process results in strategic hires that drive revenue and propel real, profitable business growth. Rauenhorst Recruiting has a long history of building teams for many top firms in Minnesota and the United States.

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